How to Recognize a Bad Alternator

How to Recognize a Bad Alternator

How to Recognize a Bad AlternatorTo keep your battery properly charged up, you need a healthy alternator. When an alternator malfunctions, the battery's power reserve can become depleted to the point that you're unable to get moving on down the road. Here's a look at seven signs of alternator trouble.

Dash Light Comes On

Alternator trouble could be brwing if the letters GEN or ALT become illuminated on your dashboard. In some cars, this warning light turns on in the shape of a battery.

Dead Battery

Generally, car batteries should hold up for three to five years. However, if yours dies before this timeframe, then the reason could be a bad alternator---unless you left your lights on!

Dimming/Flickering Headlights

A healthy alternator plays an important role in maintaining proper headlight function. A faulty alternator can cause headlights to behave erratically, which can create a safety hazard if you're driving at night on a road without street lamps.

Belt Issue

You may have spotted the cause of your alternator issue if you can tell that a belt is too loose, too tight, or has become cracked.

Stalling Out

If the alternator isn't supplying a proper amount of power to the spark plugs, then your vehicle may stall while you're out and about.

Burning Smell

Alternator drive belts put up with a lot of stress. As they become worn out, they sometimes produce a burning odor.

Issues with Electrical Accessories

The computers in newer vehicles are commonly programmed to calculate which electrical accessories should get powered down first when the alternator isn't working properly. This conserves power to be used by your vehicle's most crucial electrical functions. So this could be the reason that your power windows or power seats aren't functioning correctly.

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Posted: December 16, 2020

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